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About ORSÚ

Spring in Ibiza 2022

ORSÚ is an old Italian word that means cheer up! Let’s get it! which in English also corresponds to ORganic (and) SUStainable.

ORSÚ began in London in 2017 as an experiment in sustainable cosmetics. Their products have been sold at flea markets and bulk stores in the south of the city and online.

In 2020 ORSÚ has moved to Eivissa and has studied the local market and the new formulations to propose bulk moisturizers mainly with these characteristics:

• Made on the island.
• Without water, therefore without the need of substances for conservation and texture.
• With organic ingredients grown on the island.
• No packaging.

In 2022 the Spanish company ORSÚ finally opens, which sells wholesale only on the island of Eivissa, supports environmental and social sustainability and wants to promote the cosmetic sovereignty of the island.


ORSÚ thanks many people and organizations on the island that have helped it to develop and work:

MelIbiza, for 2 years of work on the formulations of moisturizers and for their certified manufacture in Sant’Antonio.

The local farmers who give us the ingredients for the moisturizers;

Elena Khrystenko, for business advice, and lots of free advice.

The bulk stores Biosmell de Vila and Antigua Symbolica de Santa Eularia, for advising on dispensers and displays.

IbizaPreservation, for scientific data on the environment and sustainability.

The groups of the Cooperativa Integral d’ Eivissa, the APAEEF (Association of Biological Farmers of Eivissa) and the BOSQUELARRE, for the information and news about permaculture and regenerative agriculture.

The IDI of the Balearic Islands, for the support to develop the business plan.

The PIMEEF, for reviewing and finalizing the business plan.

Laura and Alex from the Santa Eularia App Store, for developing the website that features ORSÚ’s sustainable cosmetics.